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Cauldwell Wingate PM & Leadership Training

Cauldwell Wingate is very excited to resume their Project Management and Field Supervisory Staff training lecture series that has been waylaid due to COVID restrictions for more than a year.

Cauldwell Wingate has been back to the office, at full capacity since around the turn of the year and out of an overabundance of caution has waited until now to resume this series.

These are classes that are developed and instructed by our Senior Executive Staff, Project Executives and General Superintendents. These staff members meet weekly to plan future curriculum.

This month’s classes contained instruction for all Assistant Project Managers through Senior Project Manager in the proper management toward a GMP including scope development, bid solicitation, bid levelling and subcontract award.

Future curriculum will include classes on 1. Documentation of delays in adherence with CMA language 2. Proper review and handling of project submittals 3. Proper contingency accounting 4. TCO Expediting 5. Much more.

Cauldwell Wingate’s culture takes the mentoring and growth of our associates very seriously and it is through these lectures that we grow a stronger and more cohesive team.


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