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Bravo Builders Hosts Women Promoting Success Event

As part of our Women Promoting Success (WPS) initiative, Bravo Builders hosted a “Sculpting Without Sight” event at Unarthodox New York last week. Unarthodox is a creative space where groups and individuals take part in unique, immersive and interactive experiences, using various forms of art. The purpose of this event was to show people how to utilize their senses other than sight, with an immersive experience meant to trigger your other senses and leave you feeling inspired and reenergized. We used scent, touch and sound to indulge in the aroma, explore sense of touch and take in the music, all while blindfolded and lacking a sense of sight. Our Bravo Builders team had an incredible experience with Unarthodox and we look forward to upcoming events for our WPS initiative.


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