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With nearly 40 years of experience in major construction, Peter is currently the General Superintendent overseeing new buildings and major construction at Cauldwell Wingate. Peter has worked directly, in house, for owners and developers. Peter possesses the mentality to do things once and do them correctly, always bearing in mind up front cost and maintenance. Peter is very instrumental during the preconstruction phase of work by planning the logistics and approach to our major projects and respective scheduling as well. He participates in the design phase suggesting constructability and value engineering measures. Peter oversees the field staff of all of our new, out of the ground, major projects and enjoys mentoring and teaching new construction professionals.


Peter has overseen over 13 buildings from planning to ground breaking to absolute completion, Certificate of Occupancy and tenant occupancy. To his credit, Peter has completed 3 projects in excess of 850,000 square feet and has overseen restoration of buildings and commercial to residential conversion work.

Peter DePalma
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