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In his capacity as Vice President for Risk Management and Legal at Cauldwell Wingate, Mr. O’Sullivan is responsible for the risk management function including contract administration CMA, Subcontractor/Supplier/Professional Services Agreements, Site Access Agreements; oversight of insurance products including OCMIP, Traditional, CCIP, RRP, Builders Risk, Pollution, SDI, Bonding, subcontractor compliance; risk mitigation and legal management including summons and complaints, deposition, legal discovery; and with oversight of information technology.


Mr. O’Sullivan provides strategic guidance for the development and implementation of forward-looking technology initiatives and ensures that the unique and varied demands of our clients are met. He provides custom solutions that link offices, project teams and client design teams to allow for real-time collaboration, project tracking and cost management. As Principal-In-Charge, Mr. O’Sullivan is responsible for overall project execution, coordination and oversight from project inception to close-out. Mr. O’Sullivan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from SUNY Stony Brook and a Masters in Computer Science from Hofstra University.

John O'Sullivan
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