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Mr. Braun is an experienced professional serving as Corporate Safety Officer and member of the Executive Committee. With a comprehensive background in construction safety, he proactively plans and administers safety policies and procedures helping maintain a high level of compliance. His responsibilities require that he perform educational training and on-site inspections, heightening project staff safety awareness.  Mr. Braun provides leadership to the companies Injury & Illness Prevention Program (I2P2), utilizing innovative solutions to proactively stem incidents before they occur.  He plans and implements safety and health educational training programs tailored to each team member, and develops best practices to reduce injury risk and raise safety awareness. As Chairperson of the Safety Committee, he mentors operations leaders throughout the company and is responsible for recruiting and training all lead safety staff.  His duties further require regular interface with insurance carriers, various regulatory authorities, client representatives, and subcontractors on jobsite safety and health matters. Among other duties are staying abreast of safety trends, policies, standards and regulations, record keeping, and in general, assuring that Cauldwell Wingate maintains its reputation as a leading practitioner of safety in the construction workplace.


He occasionally serves as an adjunct safety instructor helping those in New York City construction industry comply with the recently enacted suite of safety training regulations. Mr. Braun is a licensed Professional Engineer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration,  as well as numerous certificates in job-related disciplines.

George Braun
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