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Cauldwell Corporate Challenge

On August 11th, CWC received word that J.P. Morgan Chase was cancelling its 2021 Corporate Challenge. Understandably disappointed, Staff decided to “stay the course” and hold their own race on original date (October 6th) in Central Park. In lieu of race tee historically provided with registration fee, CWC created its own custom shirt for event.

To put a slight twist on things, they went with the “traditional” (pre-2015) counterclockwise course from East 72nd Street north to 110th Street and then worked their way south to West 72nd Street, one block from the post-race team dinner at Harvest Kitchen, our go-to eatery the past six years.

There was a broad cross-section of staff in attendance. Participants walked, ran, jogged and sauntered the 3.2 mile course.

A good time was had by all – we look forward to returning next spring for the 2022 J. P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge.


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